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Custom Bible Printing Service:

As one of bible printers and bible printing companies in China, Image Printing has the advantage of aggressive prices with high quality performance.

When you are planning a bible printing job, and want deluxe cover materials like genuine leather, it is very important forbible printers to design the function of protecting the cover. Bible printers have many options to do so. But finally, outer wrapping, box and slipcase are three main options.  

Outer wrapping will be helpful to protect specific position on cover if there are delicate decorative process. It can attract potential consumers eyes, and promote the sales. Thin coated paper 128gsm/157gsm is workable for this design. But if you want it much stronger, you have the option to use 300gsm/400gsm C1S card. Normally full colors should be printed, so do big coverage solid PMS color. Varnish and lamination is main option to coat on the surface of outer wraping.

The designer has the buffer to express much information on outer wrapping. Company logo, book character, fancy titles, author introductions, readers comments and series introductions can be printed to advertise something.

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