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Based on 4-color and 5-color presses of Komori from Japan, Heidelberg 2-color and 4-color from Germany, and we have introduced 2 Kormori 8-color printing machines in 2008. It makes our capacity and product quality get more improvement. 
Kormori L440 4-Colors Offset press 
Kormori L-540 5-Colors Offset press 
Kormori S40SP 8-Colors Offset press 
Heidelberg 4-Colors Offset press 
Heidelberg 2-Colors Offset press 
Commercial rotary press 2-Colors 
LITHRONE S40SP Features 
Rising demand for high print quality
High print quality is achieved through advanced technologies incorporated from the feeder to delivery. 
Very formidable technologies
Komori is renowned for setting the industry standard for automation and digitalization. The Lithrone S40SP is driven by the most advanced technologies found anywhere. 
Economic gains of one-pass printing
Compared to two-sided printing on a straight sheetfed press, the Lithrone S40SP's advantages are overwhelming: two to three times the productivity, one-half the labor costs, and onethird the printing time.
Komori development eliminates scuffing and marking issues

The Lithrone S40SP completely resolves the issues of scuffing and marking, an issue with other two-sided presses.